Sunday, February 21, 2010

Of Habits and Tea.....

I realised just the other day, and I suppose I should have registered this some time ago, that for years, I have had tea at my home from only one, English Fine Bone China teacup....

I cannot recall how I came to acquire it, it was that long ago. I has moved with me from home to home, through law school and I am trying to remember, I might have had it with me as long ago as graduate school....
I have used it so much the goldleaf has rubbed off on my lips..

Its style is a lot more romantic than the objects I surround myself with these days (putti? - it's an otherwise-putto-free household with Kevin) but somehow, I am convinced that tea tastes better in this little blue/lavender vessel. And the tea? it's my recent favourite - Lavender Earl Grey from the Lavender Barn.
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all photos by AJ


  1. enjoy your tea and do hope you are feeling better! so neat you have had this cup for so long... and i love the things you are doing with your blog!

  2. mmm, tea :) i have a favourite mug too, my randomly acquired denby mug from the "storm" series. it's not really a mug, its a giant oversized teacup, which i use for all hot beverages. it just isn't the same sipping from another vessel!

  3. Maire - I am a lot better now, thanks for remembering I was a sicko, I meant a sickie..oh, you know.....yes, this new blog is a lot of fun to work with! ox

    Shellbell - aaaahhh, Denby (I worship).....glad you have a favourite too!