Monday, February 22, 2010

The Secret Life of Flowers

When the sun fills my garden with colour, I spend a lot of time listening to flowers and trying to capture their
beauty with my camera....
..they have secret lives, you know....I come very close to them so I know a little about them..
~they have personalities, strengths and weaknesses...joys and disappointments...when we are not watching, they engage in lively conversations....

Bring your ear a little closer...they may share their secrets with you too....

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All photos by AJ


  1. Oh AJ, I LOVE this post! I love the pictures, and the captions are SO perfect!

  2. Sara - I am so glad these "talkative flowers" spoke to you as well...I miss them very much and can't wait for spring to arrive! much love to you!

  3. These are BEautiful !
    Nothing about them is over the top.
    There are no flowers around here, so (mental note) must procure some a.s.a.p !

  4. wow, such beautiful photos! you've really captured the sentiment behind each one :)

    i wanted to let you know that i've tagged you on my blog. it's a really cool one, i definitely thought you might enjoy it!

  5. Visual delights!
    so true~ sometimes MORE is MORE!!

  6. Jan - thanks! No flowers here either (yet) but these will hopefully fill my garden in just a few months (yikes, that sounds so long away!) 0x

    Shellbell - thanks for including me in your tag- will take part for sure! ox

    Lenore - a girl after my own heart! ox

  7. This pics are gorgeous!
    Thank you very much for your birthday wishes and for your lovely comment!

  8. Thank you so much for posting, Federica - it's nice to see you back visiting the blog! ox AJ