Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic Fashion

There is always room for style and elegance, even in sport....for his 1960 gold medal performance, David Jenkins chose classic black and white. I sooo approve!

In 1998, Philippe Candeloro chanelled a neighbour, perhaps, to the north of his homeland, garndered him a bronze medal....hey, what does a Frenchman wear under his kilt?

Ilya Kulin (Russia) won gold that same year, and despite his highly questionable attire choices, including this one..... did he dress in the dark?
In 2002, you either loved or hated the Apolo Anton Ohno "support beard"...who knows, maybe it helped sprinkle him with the "top of the podium" dust?!

Young Australian snowboarder, Torah Bright, is not afraid to wear rhinestone studded go girl!!  Let's hope we will see her on the podium in the next few days!

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  1. It's so exciting isn't it? We are anxiously awaiting. This was a terrific post, what a fun time appropriate subject. I'm a huge Apollo fan. My sister in law emailed me yesterday a photo of her & the kids years ago all with that goatee on their chins to support him. His father Yukee, us to cut my hair when I grew up in Seattle. Hope you have a lovely evening and are watching tonight!! x deb

  2. We are very excited at this end, I mean all of us, Canadians!! I have to be honest and tell you I enjoy the winter events more than the summer sports, even though I am an avid sailor and race an Olympic class boat so that event is very close to my heart...there is something special about doing it all against a white background and with rosy cheeks too! sooo exciting, yay!!! oxoxox