Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am simply shattered by the news of Alexander McQueen's passing...
I am one of a legion of Alexander's fans.... I am an average, blend-with-the-wallpaper woman who is mourning the loss of a true creative genius, someone who saw the world from a perspective which I get to glimpse only once in a while, and usually through the eyes of others...

above: Alexander and his beloved muse, Isabella Blow

Such versatility of vision...

Goodbye, Alexander..I hope to have the priviledge of meeting you on the other side...
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  1. Your post on McQueen is terrific. The photos you found and your words are spot on. Such a sad, sad day. I can understand suicide I suppose; the despair, the sadness, but I could never be brave (or stupid) enough.I am sad for his family and all his dear friends as I know they will be asking themselves what they could of done to help him.

    Thank you incredibly for your wise and encouraging advice regarding my situation to move or not. Your personal story is remarkable and it is always so comforting to hear positive stories of peoples happiness, and tenacity. Now if I could just get the career thing down too. I just want to be happy and for my children & husband to feel real happiness as well. Anyway, sorry for rambling, but wanted you to know I value your advice very much.

    x deb

  2. So very sad for all concerned.
    I think here in the UK, (even those not particularly interested in fashion) feel that it's a tragic loss.
    I don't suppose we'll ever know why, but such a waste.