Monday, February 1, 2010

Only 90 sleeps left.....

...(or so) until Leave can experience the excited push of teenage hands and find her stride, once again, on the waves she dreamt of, all winter....for now, she watches the frozen lake ahead and remembers last season's adventures....
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photo by AJ


  1. that is beautiful! i love the photo, but your caption is so poetic - imagining the changes 90 sleeps will bring!

  2. How kind of you to say that, Maire! I so loved seeing that boat, along our lake, on a winter walk with the big-K. I remembered seeing it "in action", last summer, populated by giggling teenagers trying to tip it for will be out there again, I am sure, hopefully with the same teenagers, a year older but hopefully still full of spirit...
    oxox to you, Maire