Thursday, March 4, 2010

Open Up to Blue!

~Beautiful Blue~
~Bewitching Blue~
~Bold Blue~
~Beconing Blue~

In some cultures, the colour blue is associated with melancholy, if not downright sadness...
but to me, it's a colour which can lift spirits and keep them up!
Who could possibly frown or be "blue" surrounded by such vibrant blue!!

Blue walls and accents, paired with white muslin, light cotton or silk, can invoke a breezy feeling....the open balcony door in this photo intensifies that impression, don't you agree?

This punchy blue kitchen is modern, funky and so 2010 urban! I can just see the couple and their two little urbanites with a sense of humour and fun!

The colour can be successfully incorporanted into just about any design theme :  romantic, country, modern, urban, minimalist...

This royal, peacock blue is particularly beguiling......I am fond of peacocks although in some parts of the world, they are considered portents of bad luck - not in my corner of the universe!

Don't be afraid of blue - welcome it with open arms......beiges, taupes and brown are great, they really are, but they cannot come anywhere close to the rejuvenating and invigorating effects of COLOUR!
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  1. Witaj(:
    Niewątpliwie kolor błękitny ma w sobie moc!
    Mi osobiście, mimo że jest z tonacji barw chłodnych- kojarzy się z ciepłem ,latem ,wodą,jeszcze raz ciepłem i przygodą(choć w domu już mi się znudził i zamieniam go na pudrowy róż)
    Drzwi z ostatniego zdjęcia przyciągają jak magnes(:
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  2. Patrycja: masz racje - mnie tez sie kojarzy z przygoda! Wspaniale, szerokie niebo, tafla oceanu... a u nas w domu ostatnio czekoladowe brazy i marynarski granatowy. sciskam Aga

  3. You know I'm crazy for color, AJ!! That punchy blue! And that first picture makes me want to turn into a dish and live on one of those shelves. I mean it. Great post!

  4. Nope - blue has never made me feel sad {blue :)}
    How strange.

  5. I adore blue AJ!
    blue & browns are still my fave combo~

  6. Sara, glad this blue speaks to us both! oxox

    C'est La View...welcome to the blog and loove to hear from another fan of blue! ox

    Jan - even my grandmother used to say blue is sad! oxox

    Lenore - that combo still rules, in my very house there are many examples! oxoxo