Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Glorious Rain....

Rain can be a relief...
...a respite...a portent of spring
~a super stay home and cuddle and read a book and drink good tea... paint your nails..

Rain is a thirst quencher for flowers...

..the best excuse to wear your rain boots...

...a stunning background to luscious greens....

..rain can make occasions memorable...

...rain can make us wonder (say aaaaahhh) at the profound beauty of nature...

Glorious rain...

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credits: 1. Tapio Hurme (Flickr)
2. special (Flickr)
3. Shannonkristine (Flickr)
4. Burning Rubber (Flickr)
6. Ichiro Kishimi (Flickr)
7. Kittykatfish (Flickr)


  1. Loving the images you're posting.
    I can think of only one 'memorable'(romantic) rainy occasion - the rest have all pretty much sucked :)
    (Thanks for reminding of that one though !)

  2. Thanks, Jan. I am what you might call a "collector of images".....many are in my head (hehe) and some, I manage to find and actually save in my gigantic images file...I have always wished, since I was a child, that we could photograph our minds - a giant mind Polaroid...what do you think? wouldn't that be fun? (or maybe not?) oxox

  3. Gorgeous AJ!
    although I'm still traumatized from my recent flood-aftermath!
    ps: loving that Mind Polaroid idea!!


  4. Oh, Lenore...I am so sorry this brings up those images for you!! I should have thought of that!!!!! But this is good rain from now on....I promise, no more floods! oxoxoxox AJ

  5. Bardzo miło mi gościć Ciebie na moim blogu(:
    Dziękuję za piękny wpis.
    Znalazłam u Ciebie całe mnóstwo pięknych zdjęć.
    I mój kochany Alin Delon ,niedawno oglądałam jeden z moich ulubionych filmów "Basen" grała tam z nim Romy Schneider.
    Pozdrawiam ciepło.

  6. To mnie bardzo milo, Patrycja! Do milego i powtorzonego "widzienia" ox Aga

  7. A lovely post...and better rain than snow right?

  8. Hope you're having a great day, don't miss my giveaway tomorrow!

  9. Heather, you as sooooo right - I will take rain over snow anytime!!!!!! oxox

    Federica: thanks for the reminder - I will enter tomorrow for sure! Goodnight! oxox