Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Since you ask, Jan.....

In my post on lanterns, our dear Jan of Race of Style asked about the pomelo, well.....
A pomelo is my "winter's delight"!
Learn more about pomelos here but in brief, a pomelo is a sweet-flavoured, mild citrus fruit related to the grapefuit - very much like it but without the bitterness.
 It grows in South East Asia and fills our stores (in North America) over the winter (the height of its growing season).
It's skin is either a limey green or a lemony yellow and its flesh can be either pale cream/yellow(above) or bright pink (below).
I have loved it for years and when I met the Big-K, I told him about it. He asked, what is it like? and I quickly responded: "delicious moisture packages"...I know it's silly but that's what it's really like! Now he eats it all the time and agrees that my spontaneous description of it was accurate! 

A pomelo flower in full bloom....

A fruit market in Singapore....Hey, Lenore, did you visit any?
A good, ripe pomelo can be really sweet, hence the name "honey pomelo" given to some varieties.

In South East Asia, it is sometimes eaten with salt for a sweet-and-sour flavour.
You see? I told you, "delicious moisture packages"...!
Do not eat the skin or connective tissue - they are quite tough but the flesh comes away easily and it is super in vegetable or fruit salads or just plain, on its own. A simple pomelo will yield a whole "pile" of flesh...great for snacking!

And this, Jan, is how to wear a pomelo rind on one's head...Isn't he delighful?
Pick up a pomelo today!
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  1. Well now I'm feeling positively deprived !
    Moisture - I need moisture.
    I will seek one out.
    Not convinced I will look so cute wearing a rind though.
    Thanks AJ