Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Small Possibilities

Small, often elevated outdoor spaces can present quite a challenge ~ I find that those who take a little time to ponder the incredible possibilities and plan with the conventional and non-conventional of garden themes and accessories can (and do) create real magic, little gems..each one, a tiny oasis, sometimes up in the sky, often as if spilling the contents of tiny flats, apartments and lots into the open....

Marie Claire Maison, one of my favourite magazines, presents this fabulous collection of such little gems...


You CAN give your little balcony the feeling of lush, green abadon by using all manner of climbers....proceed to spice up your greenery with vibrant, the glass and metal accessories create a rustic, feminine cozy and comforting, don't you think?

Here, the illusion of height comes from a sort of cage built around the small space ~ cleverly, the cage is then used to suspend plant containers - this gives the space added dimension - as do plants of different height.

I love this space - in fact, I think this photo shows two separate gardens (sort of like allotments, :)...the one in front is modern, minimalist, zen...immediately to the right begins a more traditional, romantic little space with climbers and cedar partitions...

Wow, serenity and peace....the water features in the back (I have two in my garden, yaaaay!) provide soothing sound, I am sure...again, plants of different size, texture and shade of green provide virtually endless interest for the eye without being garish...
Now, go shapen your green thumb!
PS: Super giveway coming up - you will love it, promise!
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All photos: Marie Claire Maison


  1. Oh, alas.....I have whatever the opposite of a green thumb is....

    Beautiful, dreamy, unattainable pictures....

  2. I to jest coś, czego mi bardzo brakuje,w obecnym mieszkaniu nie mam nawet małego balkonu ):
    I jakoś mi z tym dziwnie.
    Ale w następnym już wiem jak będzie wyglądał.
    Zdjęcia inspirujące.
    Pozdrawiam wreszcie wiosennie i słonecznie((:

  3. Michael - thanks, glad you liked them! oxox

    Sara - there are failsafe plants out there-do not despair! Start small and when you feel a little more confident, press on! oxo

    Patrycja - dziekuje! Jako studentka mieszkalam w dziupelce bez ogrodu i nawet balkonu i bylo to bardzo trudne, wiec dobrze rozumiem - zato w mieszkani masz napewno wspaniale kwiaty! oxoxo