Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shoe Trees

I worship shoes, I really do. Hence, my endless fascination with their role in our lives.

"Shoefiti", meaning the practice of throwing shoes, particularly sneakers (trainers, to you Brits), over power lines is fairly widespead by now and I see lots of powerlines in our part of Ontario dressed up this way.
But the shoe trees which the Big-K and I encountered about a 20-minute drive from our home are not as common.

If you really need to know why people do this, read this but frankly, it does not matter to me. These trees are a truly interesting site, particularly because they seem so out of place by the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere...

I have included photos of two trees - the first two are of shoes nailed to the bark - the last two are of shoes flung on with the aid of shoelaces....I see boots there as well...nails? staples?

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago - the grass is a lot greener now, yaaaay!
I noticed another such tree just the other day, in its "infancy", closer to our home - 8 pairs of shoes so far...I am desperately trying to think what I could add to the collection but I love my shoes too much, I am afraid..
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  1. Oh I love these 'shoe trees'. They are a nice piece of installation art !!
    I notice that many are in pairs. Do you think that some people take them ?!!
    Thanks so much for your comment. I'm sorry that I am not commenting regularly. I have SOOOO many blogs on my sidebar that it's a full time job commenting on them all !!!! It's hard work, this blogging, isn't it ?
    You must go and see Dennis Severs house. It's right near Liverpool Street Station. Try to go as late as possible (I'm not sure of their opening hours) because it's best to see when all of the candles are lit.
    I hope that I haven't 'bigged' it up too much. Don't expect Disney !!!!
    Have a lovely Sunday. XXXX

  2. This bothers me AJ.
    They should be gathered up and anything still wearable sent off to third world.
    Maybe I could make my own 'statement' by tossing a pair of mine into the Tate Modern after an eight hour shift in retail land. :)
    Hey, that's not a bad idea. I could make a fortune!

  3. I have never seen anything like this !!! Do people really do it? If I would have my very own shoe tree it would be filled with Loubotin platforms and Chanel pumps.:-)))) Yey for the purple scooter - it is so much more fun to ride something so colorfull and light!:-)

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