Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mistaken Moniker

I have a bulb in my office, a stunning plant which, amazingly, has now produced two incredible, large flowers; pink/peach in colour, with delicate, gossamer petals and fuzzy, yellow pollen (if you follow this blog, you know I love to photograph "the machinery" of flowers)...
....I wanted to share it with you and tell you about my "Amaryllis".


Alas, those bulbs we buy at the florist that bloom around Christmas, are not "Amaryllis" at all!  True amaryllis, also known as Belladonna Lillies or naked ladies (arent' those great names?) are somewhat similar in appearance but their stems are slimmer and the flowers less pronounced and full. They are native to South Africa and now grow in California as well...

What we buy at the store in unpotted form and what is currently blooming in my office is called Hippeastreum.
So now you know and you can share this "amazing" trivia at your next dinner party! :)
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All photos by AJJ


  1. This photography is just stunning!! Real art!
    PS Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind comment!

  2. I love flowers! I think they are the most beautiful creation. Its amazing the colors, the shapes and the scent that comes from them. Thanks for sharing your fantastic photo's!

  3. These colours look stunning together - nature at work.
    Fab photos.x

  4. Loving all the close ups you've been taking AJ!
    I feel like a butterfly!