Sunday, March 14, 2010

Private little Spring...

Each year, I grow garlic chives in my garden. I start off by "playing Spring" inside my home..I give these little garlics a chance to nurse in here, in the warmth of the home, while waiting for the warmth of the sun and the chirping of the birds outside....

The weather has improved considerably and on yesterday's walk, I was thrilled to see signs of the approaching Spring but we are not quite there yet, including because the lake is right here and has a huge effect on the climate of the's still frozen solid and keeping a lot of the plants asleep for a little while longer...

...but I already have my own little Spring, inside....
Try using garlic chives exactly the same way you would use other chives....they are super!
I use them in salads, in sandwiches and on barbaque'd chicken breast and even burgers and fish...if you are using them with heated food, just wait until last minute to put them on!
This one is still just a baby but he will grow tall and strong....when the weather is warm and sunny, he will live outside for the rest of the season...
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all photos by AJJ


  1. Hello My dear!
    I also always have at hand chives, the home of the "culture" is always the best taste,
    Pozdrawiam Cię ciepło,u mnie znowu śniegu dopadało i zimowo się zrobiło ):

  2. Patrycja, you are sooo right - what is grown at home is always better, maybe because it's closer to our heart, and our hands were helping it grow! I am sorry to hear winter has come back to Lublin - it will be gone soon, promise, like Marzanna! ox

  3. AJ,
    I adore you...must be so nice to watch them grow!
    Can't help myself, but find these photos cute as a baby!
    Lovely new week dear~ xo*

  4. I love this little celebration of Spring! I also happen to think that this shade of green in growing garlic is so amazing! I love garlic, I add it to every dish I cook. This is such a wonderful post!:-)
    P.S. I love your new header for the Blog!