Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lovin' in BlogLand

My life has been enriched immensly since I discovered blogging.
For one, I get to share with you what is inside me and often dying to get out.
The other, very important aspect of the experience is what I get to take in
and that is even more fun than "spewing".
A number of blogs have now become a part of my daily routine. Each day, I can't wait to read them - learn from them, laugh with them, marvel at their powers of observation, turn of phrase, sense of adventure, lightheartedness of approach, versatility of subject and delivery....
BlogLand has been good to me and it's time to give back!
"..and the Oscar goes to..."
Jan - of Race of Style!

Jan's entries inspire me, everyday! Hers is one of the most versatile blogs out there, in the sense that it informs, educates (not the same thing), amuses, leaves one thinking, challenges and plain-old entertains....
Jan is what I call a "story hunter". She shines a flashlight on stories which interest her and which she anticipates will entertain her readers. It's a subjective thing, I know, liking a blog (and I looove her blog) but objectively speaking too, Jan's breadth of interests and the variety of subjects she covers of truly marvellous. These make her 
and she is so friendly to boot!
oxoxo AJ  


  1. AJ - Thank You !
    Crikey !
    Your final paragraph - uncanny!
    Have you been reading my mind ?
    I've always been rubbish at taking compliments, but this one I'm accepting BIG time!

  2. thanks for introducing us to Jan! i like her blog lots and lots. i'm going to start following her (my computer is currently not loading her follow link so when that is fixed she'll be on my bloglist!)

  3. oh, i will have to take a click on over to her blog - sounds wondeful!