Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I am low on creative fuel.....*

News from the place of my birth, Poland, has been very sad since Saturday and I am not my usual busy-body self, senses darting here and there....it's a quiet, introspective time....

I did, however, stumble on Pappas*Miron, a truly interest-worthy interior design firm of
Alexandra Pappas and Tatyana Miron.

This style of design truly speaks to me. It is fresh and almost minimalist but not quite - neither too much nor too little - just enough. The colour combinations are also modern and comforting.

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Photos: pappasmiron.com


  1. i am sorry to hear that you are struggling... april has been so hard for you - find those things that refresh and rejuvenate you, whatever they are... and just... keep... breathing...

  2. All good points, Maire, thanks - BTW: you have to email me your coordinates, please, to aj@jakubowska.ca, so I can send you YOUR BROOCH! You woooooon!!! oxox

  3. Note to self - clear clutter from bedroom !
    Dear AJ - I agree with Maire - this has been a rough few weeks for you.
    Hard to know what to say to offer comfort - something good will happen soon I'm sure though.

  4. Thanks, Jan, very sweet of you...I am actually ok, just quiet and enjoying the bloom of spring, not very creative, though...I do feel for all those who have lost loved ones over there but I know they will get through it and I am sending them strength, as are people all over the world...yes, that "note to self" is one I have to employ as well....I am known as "the collector" - of stuff - things which speak to me (and as Kevin says, some of them spoke to me only once and now it's time for them to go..but I hold on. alas.....)...hope your week off was ok though I did get the feeling that it was not a week you were looking forward to,for some reason...will email more...ox AJ