Wednesday, April 14, 2010

*On a much lighter note...*

If you read this blog, you know I love zebras and guess what, I love black and white cows too! (I see a theme coming on, don't you?)......they are, in my view, perfect decorating accessories - wish I could have one in my living room and just move it around from time to time, like a bookshelf!

There are blogs which lead you to great fashion finds, offer advice on how to have shiny hair or a weed-free lawn.....
-my gift to you today: the following advice - when you are blue and feeling lost, take a "ride" through Flickr - just type in a word that comes to your mind and enjoy...stumbling onto your computer screen will be hundreds and hundreds of photos from around the world - interesting photos, sometimes touching, sometimes funny, sometimes unbelieveably beautiful...such "photo travels" can be very therapeutic and inspiring....Bonne Chance!
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Photo credit: Eduardo Amorim (Flickr)


  1. Wonderful idea! And oh I also love cows!!
    I have a mini-cow standing in my kitchen!

  2. I do in fact possess a pair of cowprint slippers - even though I'm afraid of cows.
    With you on the whole black & white idea though

  3. Greet - I should consider a mini-cow - did not think of that - great idea! ox

    Jan - then you are half-way there..just an inch away from owning a real cow, I would say! oxoxo

  4. This post is outstanding in its field, as is the cow. I am also a cow lover--I love an animal who appreciates a bold and graphic print. And the cow in the midst of the field of blue flowers is perfection. What a lovely way to start the day. And a big merci for the Flickr suggestion.

  5. I love Boxer pups.
    Our IT guy has some great photos on flickr. Vlad Railian. One of his photos is on the current phone book here.

  6. La Belette - a wordsmith - you are! I love a woman who can turn a phrase! Hope you have a fruitful trip to SB, intellectually, philosophically and just in terms of plain-old-shopping! See ya when you get back! ox AJ

    Ms. Givens - thanks for letting me know about Vlad - I will look at his photos for sure! You may even see some here - who knows!! Thanks for visiting! oxoxo