Thursday, April 15, 2010

Now open wide and don't forget to breathe!!!

From time to time, we all feel overwhelmed...
..~we feel like no matter how wide we open, we won't be able to chew what we have bitten off~.....
It all passes, I promise! I realised in my 30s that there is absolutely nothing I can't get through....
it's just a question of breathing regularly and chewing patiently...
I am not posting this because I am feeling overwhelmed
-not at all-
I have just been thinking of those times when I was and how I got through them....
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Super photo by NatureLover2007 (Flickr)


  1. Life's a roller coaster is it not ?

  2. I tell my daughter that as an adult some years are good and some are not so good.

  3. This is so true! I often find myself wondering if I would ever be able to get through certain things at all, but then I always do. And as soon as I do, I come up with few more things to achieve. I live in a constant state of mixture of fear, joy, creative force and ambition. Sometimes, I just feel like screaming:"Somebody, please, send me poison to put me out of my misery " :-)))) Well, in my 30-s as well, I realise that it is a matter of being true to yourself.
    Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment under my "Millinery Salon Experience" post. We think so much alike!!! And I am sure you will be thriled to know that your package is on its way to you! Wishing you wonderful day .:-)

  4. You know how to get to me. I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Blue Jays. I love to feed them peanuts. I even have a pretty elaborate mythology involving Blue Jays. In my world all Jays are named either Pete or Charlie.

    LIke Jays I know that if I can't deal with it all now I can always burry it and dig it up later. Breathing helps too. As does getting some perspective.

    Thanks for openly sharing your older man love. And you are right, Hillman is hot. But I suppose he is hot for me because he is so damn smart. I can't seem to separate the two.;-)

  5. I think you posted this for ME...

  6. Jan - I am in complete agreement with your description of life and we don't even have to pay for the amusement! ox

    Ms. Givens - a very sober observation - it's not just a daily rollercoaster...there are longer cycles to being an adult - good and bad...ox

    Anya - these ebbs and flows of emotion, good and bad, make life exciting - sometimes scary but exciting too - when I get through impossible deadlines, I do pat myself on the back and say: hey, you are goooodd.. and then I have some ice cream! oxo

    La Belette - we have lots and lots and lots of Blue Jays coming to our feeder..I will try and take some photos but I have to admit bird photos are not my forte....they are magnificent creatures, I agree entirely...I am very fond of woodpeckers myself...wonder what Freud would say about that??? oxox

    Andrea - it WAS - much love...oxo

  7. lovely picture...and thanks for the reassurance...sometimes i swear by "this too shall pass"...