Friday, April 16, 2010

..because sometimes, only pink will do!

I have selected this photo as my "photo of the week".
I know, I know, we have seen lots and lots of photos of little girls but this one is special, don't you agree?
Her eyes are so genuine, innocent, expressive....her hair has that dreamy quality: silky and smooth - only kids have that hair....the hood of her little pink corduroy little double-breasted number makes her look like a fairytale drawf...and the pink! ~ this vibrant pink is THE colour for this little dreamboat....
I am sure she is the apple of her Daddy's eye...
Have a Pink, Happy Weekend!
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Photo credit: big daddy k (Flickr)


  1. this is one of those photos where every little thing is perfect - the composition, color, and the child naturally... gorgeous...

  2. So cute.
    Incredible blue eyes.
    Happy weekend to you too AJ.

  3. Hi AJ - Lovely weekend to you! This little Angel's hair almost radiates. Looks like spun sugar. I think this is the perfect 'pink pic' to get us in a good mood for this weekend. Wishing you rays of sunshine xxx deb

  4. Maire - I agree, it's as close to a perfect photo as they come...ox

    Jan - yes, those eyes ARE dreamy...ox

    Deb - 'spun sugar' is the perfect way to describe it! Sending you strenght for that "Scottish decision"...ox