Monday, April 19, 2010

Geisha Brides...

I am enchanted by these old photos and their delightful inhabitants...

I found them on Flickr, in the treasure trove hosted by Okinawa Soba.

Where are these women now, I wonder? how old are they?

Are they happy?
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  1. I bought the book The Secret Life Of Geisha a long time ago but it is still on a stack of waiting to be reads.


  2. Absolutely beautiful photographs. Do you think that they were mail order brides ? They don't look all that happy to me. Let's hope they were happy after the photograph was taken.I think that they were. XXXX

  3. If they are happy I don't think their faces know it.

  4. My first thought before I read your words were how incredibly sad they all look.
    Wonder how things panned out in the end?

  5. I wonder the same thing AJ...
    Each time I visit a flea market & see those old family photos for sale...

  6. There is so much mystery to this beautiful pictures...It is hard to say what this beautiful brides feel, but the air this photograhs create are full of vulnerability and innocence...