Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Beauty of Form (not just Substance)

Often, the "envelope" can be just as beautiful as the "message" inside..sometimes, even more so...


There are those who insist that noticing the "outside" of people, of things and places is shallow and passe but I do not agree!

Form can and should be appreciated on its own and for its own sake....don't we select so many objects which surround us in our daily lives precisely because of the way they look ? (which, I agree, may then make us feel a particular way). The point is that form does matter, it always has and it always will. I believe that form and substance can co-exist but they do not have to be in philosophical competition (one is not superior to the other). Each should be celebrated, on its own and today, I celebrate form!

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  1. Definitely~ form follows function
    errr...or is it the other way around?!
    (my brain is still not functioning, must take my 2nd cup of coffee darling!)

  2. Wonderful photos! Love the first one.

  3. I love beauty on the inside and the outside.
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  4. If we weren't meant to appreciate form then why do we have an eye for it? Why do people get in to heated arguments about what they like and dislike? I think physical beauty as perceived by the human brain/eye is an integral part of us and to deny that is to deny nature it's rightful place.

  5. I can't help but share with you what James Hillman said this weekend, "For the Puer Eternus function follows form." He want on about how in architecture schools in Europe they are confounded by America's preoccupation with form following function. Sometimes form is just enough.

  6. Form without function - works for me.

  7. Lenore, Darling - Form first, always form first - :), it's caffeine first, then form! ox

    Michael - I do too, so serene and yet, the colours are bright! ox

    Ms. Givens - I am sorry I have not signed up so far - will now! ox

    Slb: I am 100% with you - initial attraction to anything/anyone is first visual - oxox

    La Belette: - the "babe" (Hillman) is sooo right - ....the other day, I received a package and it was so beautiful, I truly did not want to open it - Form is soo important!

    Jan: you have a good point - I did not consider that at all - form without function - I have lots of objects which have no purpose at all - I just love them because they have a particular form. ox

  8. Dear Anne,
    We wouldn't buy anything at all if we weren't attracted to it's outside form.
    There are many things that have no function, but have a beautiful form. Sculpture, inanimate objects, even men ( although they do have a function!!), that just look beautiful.
    I'm in full agreemnt Anne. XXXX