Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back to School!

Did you study last night? Are you ready to be called to the front of the class to solve that math problem?
(you know, I hated math so much, I still have nightmares about writing math exams!)
My plans for this weekend? Cracking open that can of chalkboard paint I bought the other day!
I have big (and messy) plans for it - and who knows, I might even post some "post"-pics someday!
Aren't these super examples of clever uses of chalkboards? I just looove some of these...
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credits: everywhere! on google


  1. I have this condition AJ - it's called Dyscalculia!
    Never officially diagnosed but I must have - I'm really rubbish at even simple calculations.
    I do like the chalkboards though.

  2. I love it love it love it, Jan! Dyscalculia! The truth is I never really learned the times table but somehow, I have managed...and funny, I never have a problem counting money! :) I also loved watching the teacher pound her clothes from time to time, to get the chalk out and there was always a little cloud floating against the sunlight streaming through the windows...watching that was so much more fun than solving the math problems..ox

  3. I have LONG wanted to do a whole wall in my daughter's bedroom with chalkboard paint! I feel like she'll never really out grow the fun of drawing on an entire wall, even if in 5 yrs. it's just for writing friends' phone #'s & I Heart so-and-so! Hope you have been well, AJ!

  4. Love the dining room table.
    I have a large wall in my kitchen. Maybe I should put a chalk board on it.

  5. Oh how I hated Maths at school. It was the worst lesson of the day. YUK !!
    I love these chalkboards and would love one. Isn't the last one brilliant where the little girl is drawing. I wish I had had one when our children were young.
    I look forward to seeing the results of your weekend efforts. XXXX

  6. So much fun! I say go for it! and definitely post a sneak peek for us to see :) Oh and math stinks!