Friday, April 23, 2010

Pet Pic

Dear Jan at Race of Style has told us about a new camera which will help pet owners immortalize their beloved creatures - it "recognizes" pet faces and makes good shots of lot easier to achieve.
The timing of Jan's post could not be more perfect - presenting (drumroll) a photo of our Elizabeth (one of our three troublemakers)...isn't she beautiful? I took it just yesterday...errr..tried to take it just yesterday...



  1. AJ - you need that fab camera. I want that fab camera. Where is technology taking us next?! I loved your comment today..your sense of humor is priceless. I hope you have a good if not great weekend too. Are you giving those creative fingers a rest after all you accomplished last weekend? Your amazing!! xoxo

  2. I'd kind of like to see a bit more of Elizabeth !
    I'm certain you don't need the latest technology to achieve it AJ.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh AJ,
    That is priceless !!
    A lovely shot of your floor though !! haha.
    Enjoy the weekend and try and catch the rest of Elizabeth. XXXX

  4. I laughted so hard, I think I scared my dog :-)))) I can only imagie what you went through to capture this.:-))) I have three dogs and four cats and non of them will wait a second for me to take a picture. I recall getting to Petco around Christmas time to get little gifts for my pets and seeing a mile long line of pet owners with their pets waiting for hours to take a picture with Santa.:-)))) Wishing you wonderful weekend.:-)