Monday, May 17, 2010

Maldoror Low Couture

Poland's Fashion Week just ended in Lodz (it's where I was born, by the way).
The shows were divided into two sets of presentations: Off Shows and Designers' Alley.
The Off Shows included Maldoror: - an up-and-coming design shop presenting their Asphyxiation line (F/W 2010). Vaguely reminiscent of Mr. McQueen's prowess, this design house includes the following statement in their manifesto:
(translated by me): "Real beauty lies in the unattainable".

Definitely raw and visceral, these creations betray a spirit of rebellion and non-conformism. They are not what I would chose to wear but I do appreciate them, and very much so, for their depth of vision, their form and play on texture.

 The Asphyxiation line was presented in an old factory, further emphasising the organic, raw quality of its components.

Just a tiny sample of Poland's vibrant and talented design pool.
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Photos:, google (Lodz Fashion Week)


  1. this is so interesting - and that line "real beauty lies in the unattainable" will be in my head all day along with the images... such interesting juxtapositions in so many places... would love to go all academic on this! :0)

  2. stunning!
    even loving the unconventional venue~
    fab week AJ!!

  3. Thanks my dear, but you are a very artist for me!!!

  4. I like these looks - the feel of it.
    Unattainable for me sadly.

  5. Maire, I love their manifesto and wrote to them suggesting I would be happy to translate the entire piece for them - glad the designs spoke to you..ox

    Lenore - I think the venue and the designs made a fine brew - ox

    Daniela - you are very kind - your designs are very special and I will feature them on the blog soon! oxo

    Jan - I would look like a Miss Piggy wearing Prada - now that would be a hoot - but we CAN admire the art of it! wink and love

  6. Dear A.J,
    I would actually CHOOSE to wear these. They are very me. I love the blue dress in #3.
    I really loved Alexander McQueen and his work so, these have my seal of approval. XXXX