Saturday, May 15, 2010


Some facts about Provence:

1. The rustic and incredibly beautilful scenery of this region of France inspired Paul Cezanne to produce some of his best works.
2. The inhabitants of Provence still speak its traditional language: Provencal, which is similar to Catalan or Spanish. Many street and landmarks are named  both in Provencal and French.

3.  Originally a Roman province of Gallia Narbonensis, this area of France was close enough to Rome to be referred to, over time, as "provincia", hence its current name.

4. The Roman influence remains visible even today, particularly in the region's architecture.


5. Provence is known for its memorable cuisine, with fish at its centre. Many dishes also feature the liberal use of herbs (including thyme, rosemary, oregano and basil), with local vegetables, all cooked in olive oil.


6. Provence is not uniform in terms of its landscape and themes. Here, you will find medieval, cobbled streets and Roman inspired arenas but also the almost-cosmopolitan bustle of cities like Cannes and the commercial business of ports like Marseille and even Menton.

7. Provence is well known for its vivid, purple lavender fields and the lavender industry is an important component of Provence's economy. I have resisted including photos of such fields because you have seen them before and I wanted to show you other, less known faces of this incredible region.

7. Whether you are looking for vibrant nighlife, quiet serenity, or incredible wines and cuisine, Provence will please. I have very, very fond memories of all my visits to Provence, whether spent travelling all over the region or settled in on a sailboat in Menton.

And now, I am nurturing my own little Provence, in my garden....My darling lavender plants whose still tender leaves are reaching up to the sun and gathering energy to grace my garden with purple deliciousness...
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Photo credits:
(Flickr) Feuillu, CatChanel, duncansapien, Vince Arno, matzR, La Route
Collage: AJ


  1. That restaurant had you at the purple shutters didn't it ? :)

  2. Oh, such a wonderful area, that I have visited quite a few times. That first image is amazing, A.J. We are debating whether to go to France of Italy for our holiday, this year. We are so lucky living in the U.K. as, France is so easy to get to. We can even go to Paris on Eurostar for the day if we want.
    A beautiful post. XXXX

  3. I do hear the crickets...!!! Wonderful pictures!