Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sally's Sea Shore Home

Who can forget the-one-and-only Meg in "When Harry Met Sally"??
~and here is she, some years later, still looking fabulous-darling and..
here is her fabulous sea shore home in Martha's Vineyard, the product of her work with Marsha Russell of Satinwood Ltd., an interior-design firm in Bedford, New York.

Who can be unhappy waking up to a view like this?

When Sally, I mean Meg, found this barn-like home, it did not look like the operatic aria she was able to achieve through sheer work and vision  - parts of it had collapsed and the cedar-shingled roof was in need of desperate repair....Sally to the rescue!
She said of her find: "..the post-and-beam design is about seeing the skeleton of the house. I needed walls - I had to come in and add the skin."

Meg very skillfully maintained the open and airy aspect which can only come with homes of this height and structure..stunning!

...ahh, to dream in a tub like this....I am afraid I would never leave....
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  1. Who was it who said money can't buy happiness? Or was it Heaven... ;)
    This place looks like both to me!
    XO to you!

  2. Absolutely beautiful AJ. Often, celebrities homes look unlived in and unloved....a showpiece but, this looks like a home.
    If someone was to give it to me, I could force myself to live there !!!! haha.
    Have a lovely weekend, AJ. XXXX

  3. I'd be a bit worried someone might look in through the bathroom window - but that's just me.

  4. Andrea - a superb observation from you, as usual - much love to you!

    Jackie - I am in agreement with you that so many of these homes just look like excess and not practicality - this one breathes life! oxoxo

    Jan - gee, I did not even think about the windows in the bathroom - you are so smartly sensible - hey, maybe she wants to be seen??? oxoxo

  5. I want a tub like that.