Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Part of Me

Gardening completes's very much a part of's a creative process in which I have a partner ~ Mother Nature ~ she guides me and I surprise her from time to time, with cheeky ideas, colour combinations and notions....
I cannot draw or paint but my garden is my canvas. My symbiosis with all things green and growing is part of the reason I dislike the winter so intensly.... now you can see a little into ME!
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All photos: AJ


  1. Hi AJ.
    What wonderful photographs of your garden. It takes a great deal of work for it to look like that.
    I particularly like the bottom left photo in the last set !!!! haha. XXXX

  2. Glorious nature...I'm sure gardening has taught you to be more patient; we can't rush nature right? Gorgeous photos too AJ!

  3. AJ, your garden looks so enchanting! You can tell lots of love has been poured into it. I just picked my first cherry tomato from our very small excited to eat it, but almost hesitant!