Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Cross-pollination: "....also called allogamy occurs when pollen is delivered to a flower from a different plant. Plants adapted to outcross or cross-pollinate often have taller stamens than carpels or use other mechanisms to better ensure the spread of pollen to other plants flowers." (Wikipedia)

Yesterday was one of those days when wannabees like me only dream of....A REAL artist, Rebecca Bogan of AbobeSol Designs, called me one....
What can I say: I am overwhelmed and very, very grateful!
THANK YOU, Rebecca!
I am a huge fan of AdobeSol myself and already own several of Rebecca's designs...here is a piece she did for me recently...
("K" is to the Big-K...)

(I am still bouncing in delight...tra la la)...

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Photo credits: AbobeSol and AJJ


  1. Jan - you are very kind, thank you! ox

    Michael - glad she appeals to you as well! ox