Monday, July 5, 2010

Mixing Styles

I am baaaack from a little blog hiatus - full of verve and pep (or is it the other way around?)

Am very taken by these images of a home belonging to an interior designer (surprise surprise) which mixes two styles: Japanese and Scandinavian....who would have thought it possible? and yet, it is...

 Adroit pairings of the natural and the synthetic, plenty of wood and brick, punched up with a little stainless steel...

Serene, calming surfaces and contemplative vistas...the kind of place where one would be inspired to write an opus...would it begin, perhaps, with "....she rented a house, away from the crowds - to be alone with her thoughts and to write that poem..."
Hope you are all having a smashing summer!!
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  1. I could spend all day on that peaceful! Can't wait for a boating day with Granny this far we have not been able to coordinate our schedules. Hope your summer is going great!

  2. Welcome back. Great photos! Summer is going very well here. :-)

  3. welcome back indeed!
    how gorgeous... when one thinks about the aesthetics, it makes perfect sense that they compliment each other so well... it just sounds odd at first... a truly inviting and calming space...

  4. Heather: your boating plans sound delicious - looks like an annual event too - I love those - they give life such a great rythm! Much love to you and yours!

    Michael - good to see you again! Glad summer is swell - I am having a good one as well though I must say the temperatures right now are a little much for me! oxoxo

    Maire: you are so right, it does not sound right but looks as if meant to be together....we need little calming hide-aways from time to time, don't we? oxox