Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rules and breaking them...

.....there is a very interesting thread going on in one of the Etsy forums right now, about rules and whether the fact that they are being broken over and over makes breaking them less aggregious.....a spirited discussion, I assure you and worth looking into....

My opinions about this issue have been constant and unwavering since I was a child really - rules are to be obeyed. The dilution of rules by convention (ie: their being broken over time) is not acceptable. Badges, my new Etsy bud, piped in about the correctness of rules in the first place and I agree with him that questioning rules is important. But the solution to imperfect rules is not breaking them. The solution is doing something about them. No, that solution is not often easy to reach, achieve....but by-passing rules leads to chaos and confusion....not to mention incredible frustration on the part of those who prefer others to tell them what to do.....

Any thoughts?


  1. hmmm...I would say I spent a good portion of my youth breaking rules, but I also thought myself invincible at that time. The older I get, the more I seem to follow the rules...and unless it really bothers me, I usually don't protest them. I do, however, miss that slight adrenaline rush of crossing the line when I know I shouldn't. Shameful, but true!

  2. Hey, Heather, I am all for adrenaline rushes...going sailboat racing with the big boys next week, in Miami....will convo you later today...:)