Sunday, March 1, 2009

About Lemons and Lemonade...

...things don't always go as planned...let me re-phrase that....sometimes we misjudge and when we do, adjustments are today, I am learning from my mistakes...I wore rose coloured glasses yet again and they got fogged my age, you would think I had learned but apparently not!!! Upwards and onwards.....what is this all about, you ask? oh, just a little musing about the need to stay true to one's compass.....

Back to the lemons.....I so want to tell you about my latest FEATURED ETSY ARTIST and friend, KB - the unemployeddesigner at Check out her groovy patent leather creations and you will be impressed, I assure you. KB has a great sense of honour in addition to being a talented craftswoman. You will learn a little more about her from her Etsy profile. KB and I noticed each other some time ago in the forums and I have always found her contributions thoughtful and ego-free. She is clearly a woman who handles whatever life throws at her (in her sho opening she says "when life hands you lemons", get it now?) and she does so with a smile. Her shop is full of colour and class, please take a look and think of her when you are buying for someone who already has everything - they do not yet have KB's photo or contact lens wallets!!!

Above are some examples of her incredible work!

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  1. The UnemployedDesigner had an adorable shop! Thanks for the info on that shop!