Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not to sound morbid....

...but the sudden death of Natasha Richardson should remind us all of the inherent fragility of life. While I do not fear my own death, I am aware of the impact it would have on others. Yes, it's an old cliche and yet so true - live every day like it's your last and make sure that you do not leave unsaid the things you have meant to say to others and have not said because you have lacked courage or time. Say them now as you may not get another chance.......May Natasha rest in peace.

It's been a busy few days in the shop, both in terms of sales and production. I am definitely inspired by spring and still influenced by my recent trip to Florida. Feedback from clients has been very positive and I am thrilled about all encouragement I receive. This enterprise has been a long-standing dream of mine and the fact that items I make bring pleasure to others is very rewarding to me. I am exceedingly lucky, I realize, that I can have this incredible creative outlet and yet not have to depend on it financially. This gives me an opportunity to be creatively a lot less restrained and less driven by economics. Yes, the income is a bonus but it is definitely not what drives me in my shop on Etsy.

I will be in Toronto shortly and plan on visiting my favourite supply store. I am in the mood for brilliant whites and dramatic blacks, paired perhaps with ravishing fushias and purples....spring is 2 days away....HURRAY!!!! Here are photos of some items sold in the last few days....while most of my items are one-of-a-kind, I may be in a position to reproduce some pieces so, please, do not hesitate to ask!


  1. Natasha's death has had me heart broken. Her husband seemed to be every bit her soul mate. When I think of living in this world without mine, it just seems so bleak. A great reminder to appreciate those we hold dear...

    oh I've just realized there is a supply store mecca within an hours drive of Savannah...I feel like such a kid in a candy store when I pillage through isles of artsy goodness...have fun on your shopping spree :)

  2. Liam will never recover from this, that is for sure, and neither will her family.

    I have been shopping for supplies and even brought Kevin with me to one of the stores....he really did help with some great ideas!!