Sunday, March 22, 2009


If you have been following this blog, you know that for some time now, I have wanted to return to featuring an Etsy artist from time to time. I really enjoy giving you a chance to get to know other Etsians and we have been successful in making some useful connections and creating 'synergies' (no, I dont't like that word very much but it fits here).....

I encourage you to visit Sealmaiden at

I like every one of her items and I really am not joking about that. To me, the items (and the doodles in particular) have a dream-state-like quality to them, which I enjoy very much (boy, that sounds like I love using drugs - I don't and never have but I love reading about people that do!) As if they were drawn under the influence of some substance (my favourites books include At the Doors of Perception, which is an account of Aldous Huxley's experiences under the influence of mescalin) may interpret the art in a different way but that is, afterall, what makes art so appealing - it's subject to a million interpretations. I am not for a minute suggesting that Sealmaiden doodles under the influence - I am not, at all. My point is that the doodles look as if she has extrasensory perception, and that is a complement!!

Sealmaiden describes herself in her Etsy profile as follows:

"Hello There ... (as my Significant Other always says)
For years now he has been pushing me to do something with what I call my doodles. I finally relented, as you can see. I did put up a good fight though (I am stubborn), but in the end I did relent and learned how to screen print. I now love and breath it. I have basically taught myself by simply doing. My living room is no longer a living room but my studio where I do all my work. I don't mind though, I live a happier life this way.

All art is original. All fibers are natural. All t-shirts are hand screen printed by me in my studio in Brooklyn Town.

Love, create and be happy. Now. "

I have included in this post a couple of photos of Sealmaiden's work. Check out her store, you won't be disappointed!!!!


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