Sunday, March 15, 2009


...yes, I am....getting into my car in Toronto after a week in warm, oh so warm Florida was a bit of a shocker but I got over it soon enough....on the way home, I was thrilled to see signs of spring, the snow is almost gone (yes, I know we will get a couple more dumps but that's not real snow) neighbourhood birds welcomed me from their customary perches in front of the house and the sun already has that spring aspect to it...I can't wait till little shoots start coming out of the ground!!!

I am full of fresh ideas on the heels of my trip. Listed some new items this morning, handmade and vintage. Don't you just love that Grape Jelly bracelet!?? it puts a smile on my face each time I look at it!

I need to convo all of the Etsy friends and find out what is new. It's such a great, supportive community, it's becoming a second family to me.

Star sailing was superb and I am glad I got to see some of my old pals again. Could not have asked for better weather. One of the cats was a little mad at me when I came back, for abandoning her, but by the later evening, all was well and we are in love again!

SPRING - deep breath - a re-birth is around the corner!

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  1. love that grape jelly! isn't amazing how stepping away from one's environment seems to rejuvenate the creative spirit? I bet you're overflowing with ideas :)