Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things are moving....

..there has been so much activity in the last few days I hardly know where to begin...

First of all, Florida is spectacular and I am having a grand ol' time. There is a little more breeze than yesterday, which should make for spectacular Star sailing....

One of my items, a brazilian agate necklace, was featured on the front page of the following website:

I encourage you to take closer look - it's worth it! You will find many very interesting and useful connections and the overall idea of the website is excellent. You can never go wrong with a wishlist, I say, never!!! It avoids getting those 3 toaster ovens and 12 oven mitts!!!!

My items are also in a couple of treasuries on Etsy - a great THANK YOU to the curators!

I have been doodling some new earrings and necklace designs while in Florida, very much inspired by the warm weather... I can't wait to get my fingers into my beads and findings again, I miss them.....Having a creative outlet is very important to completes who I am ....(as corny as that sounds)....

Above is a photo of earrings recently bought by a wonderful customer. Her feedback described their first meeting (once my package arrived) as "love at first sight". I am sooo glad!



  1. thank you SO much for mentioning our new website on your blog!

    we're thrilled to have your work on our FEATURED WISH LIST today!

    siempre - dorana

  2. I wish I were in Florida. I want flip flop weather!

    Btw, you were on the Front Page today! Your lemon-lime earrings (sorry, I forget the name, but I covet them, even pre-FP)

  3. Hey Sarah, good to hear from you! I suspected I was posted somewhere cos when I checked the shop from my holidays, there was a flurry of have some super stuff in your shop which I covet myself.....will be making some new things tomorrow, got all kinds of ideas while in Miami....hugs AJ