Friday, March 6, 2009

Tips for Newbies - Volume 1

This is the inaugural and "on-the-road" edition of the tips because I am sitting at the Toronto airport, waiting for a flight to Miami, as I write this.

I do not yet have all or even many of the answers to what makes for a successful shop on Etsy but I have been participating in the forums and convoing with more seasoned sellers and I think that one of the first steps is to ask oneself the right questions. These include:

1. Whom am I targeting (primary consumers as opposed to parents buying for children, for example, men, women, artists, re-sellers of vintage, for example);
2. Am I going to sell just one type of item or will there be a variety of items;
3. does my avatar, banner and opening serve as promotional devices, will they attract special attention, be memorable and mean repeat business;
4. will my avatar, banner and opening hold the viewers' attention;
5. are my items well photographed. Am I using all 5 photos, and showing the items from different angles;
6. do my titles contain enough of the right words to describe the item and make is easily searcheable;
7. does my description of each item provide sufficient information about it, hold the viewer's attention and make the item memorable.
8. have I used the right tags and materials to assist in the search.

I believe that these are 8 of the most basic questions. They can serve as a roadmap for anyone interested in either setting up, reviewing or revamping their shop. The Friday Newbie installments which will follow will use them as a springboard for a more detailed discussion of each topic.

I would love it (and I am sure others would love it as well) if you made your own contribution to this series. Please submit whatever you think is appropriate, comments, articles, examples, case studies and observations. Please convo me through Etsy with your suggestions.
I have my computer with me througout the week so I will be able to monitor the shop. In the meantime, here are some photos of Star sailing...This is the class of sailboat I will be racing on this week...



  1. thanks for the tips! etsy is forever changing, so you can never have too many! hope you win big at the race...but most of all, enjoy it! looks like heavenly weather :)

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