Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Skinny on Fattybird.....

For several days now, Kevin and I have been excitedly planning a frame (and the process of framing) for an incredible work we purchased from my new Etsy pal, Coco Berkman ("Fattybird"). The piece, a print from a reductive linocut, is called "Sully.....he never had a bad word to say about anyone". Trust me when I say that the photo of it included in this post (of the guy with a red tie) does NOT do the piece justice. In real life, it's multidimensional, tactile and crisp. Framing this piece is the next step and it will hang in Kevin's office in Pontypool.

Back to Coco - why am I telling you about her? It's simple: she is a gem, not only as an artist but also a a human being. "So what can you tell about a person you have never met and only exchanged lines with in cyberspace?". A lot, actually. Trust me when I say, she is a super-egg. For example, she plants tomatoes and her man is Irish!!! If that is all I told you, wouldn't that alone make her worth your attention???? and there is sooo much more to tell....

Coco's work ranges from linocuts, through monotypes, to intaglios. I see some "tongue in cheek" in her pieces but you might not, that is one of the wonderful aspects of art, isn't it? Its interpretation is so subjective. Reductive linocut, which is one of Coco's techniques, is a complex process about which I invite you to read by visting her website at:

There, you will be able to find out more about Coco as an artist and a person. Take a look. Also, if you live on the East Coast of the US, please note that Coco's paintings and prints will be displayed at the Sawyer Free Library in June, 2009, at a show honouring Gloucester's Poet Laureate, John Ronan. If you can attend the event, I will hate you forever because I would love to be there as well and have nothing to wear (just kidding - ahh, the time committments of a legal practice)...

Above all, please visit Coco's Etsy shop, at

and consider purchasing one of her works. You will not be disappointed. It will come to you not only bearing her incredible artistic stamp but also displaying her well-honed craft and carefully packaged to boot!

Here's wishing Coco much success at the June showing!

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  1. great find! There is something so soulful about a linocut. The contrast of the chuncky and delicate lines. I'll look forward to seeing more of her work!